The WebAiMS (Advanced image Management System) product family is a software solution for the management and transfer of medical knowledge. It incorporates over 13 years of continuous development and user input to provide the best possible knowledge management solution for online teaching, decision support, research and other ways of communication.

Unique Knowledge Management Solution

Built on text-based search engine technology we offer a comprehensive multimedia solution that focusses on the content, transforming data into information. Searching for relevant information can be performed on qualitative criteria such as diagnosis, pathology or other specific criteria that are anywhere in the case data.

WebAiMS is unique in that it combines content management capabilities, essentially enabling full free-text access to all data with the use of controlled indexes and synonym lists etc., giving users fast and easy access to all the relevant medical information.

Efficient data capture and authoring tools enable the creation of Teaching Files and other Case Libraries with minimal interruption of clinical routine. Different image formats (e.g. DICOM, jpeg, tiff, avi) can be combined per case. Powerful applications facilitate the effective use of data, including an image viewer, automatic creation of PowerPoint presentations and a comprehensive e-Learning module.

Seamless Workflow Integration

An important capability of WebAiMS is that it can be seamlessly integrated in the daily workflow. The selection of data for e.g. a teaching case, loading into the WebAiMS databases and indexing of all information is highly automated. DICOM header information to be included can be preconfigured, requiring no user interaction, advanced PACS plug-ins allow the selection of key images and input of user specific fields (e.g. notes) within the PACS user interface and images can be converted on the fly depending on the user's requirements.

WebAiMS works as an independent database system and does not require access to other medical systems. Therefore the information held within WebAiMS is always and immediately available, without any risk of impairing the performance of clinical systems like PACS. Due to its text-based capabilities cases can be found within seconds, regardless of the number of cases or users.

Optimal access and availability.

A key criterion for a good knowledge base is that the data can be managed, accessed and used as and when the user requires: always, immediate and fast. WebAiMS can be accessed from any workstation in the hospital network and via any PC with a web browser. A flexible licensing structure and user access management ensure that optimal access at the appropriate authorization level can be guaranteed for all users.

Modular Design Fits All Users' Requirements

WebAiMS is a modular and scalable software system that can be configured to the user's requirements and contains the following key modules:

Maintenance Module

Search & Retrieve Module

e-Learning Module

Knowledge Suite

Efficient and Cost-effective Solutions

HIPAA compliant

User rights and privileges are managed on a user, application, database and data level, whereby licenses and rights can be managed per user group (e.g. physicians, students, researchers or per department), which makes use of AiMS within the HIPAA guidelines possible.